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Our ambition is a long-term, reliable and trusting cooperation at all levels: With our employees and customers as well as with our suppliers and business partners.

Our expertise lies in our team and its experience: We know the raw material wood with all its pitfalls. Many of our engineers, computer scientists, master craftsmen, technicians and skilled workers have been working in our company for decades. They have been able to expand their knowledge and experience in numerous projects and continue to do so.

Alfha thus combines continuity and experience with innovation, offering solutions that are technically advanced, but also reliable and tangible.

We are taking our social responsibility seriously and see our employees as more than just workers. Coupled with intensive training which has been an integral and indispensable part of the company's strategy since its foundation, we thus ensure performance in the long run.

Die Firma Alfha in Finnentrop
The family-owned company ALFHA consistently focuses on solutions and services for the sawmill and woodworking industry.
Our focus is on striving for a long-term and trustful cooperation with the clients. ALFHA sees itself as a partner of the mechanical engineering industry as well as of sawmills, glued laminated timber producers and woodworking companies.
ALFHA ensures its own profitability through intelligent, individual and innovative solutions, which in turn aim to secure and increase the value creation and profitability of the customer.
Just as with its customers, ALFHA also strives for a long-term and trustful cooperation with its employees, suppliers and other business partners.
The company's performance results from the high competence and motivation of its employees. Therefore, ALFHA takes its social responsibility seriously and regards its employees as more than a labour force. Coupled with intensive training, the company thus secures its performance in the long run.
This also requires constant efforts in the area of research and development. However, ALFHA does not see innovation primarily as the use of the latest technologies, but above all as the implementation of ideas to arise added value with as little effort and solid technology as possible.
ALFHA sees the company headquarters in a rural environment as an opportunity as down-to-earth employees and the proximity to the raw material wood are indispensable in the target markets.