Know the round before you make something square out of it

The ALFHA LOG SORTER product line offers solutions for log yards. With ALFHA EXACT measurements or calibrated measuring systems from our cooperation partners, the delivered logs are measured and logged. The sorting software and sequence control sort them into the appropriate boxes, taking into account numerous sorting criteria, which can be managed in a convenient and user-friendly manner, and any manual assessment by the operating personnel. Naturally, all machines and systems are integrated into the sequence control: Debarkers, root reducers, metal detectors, cross-cut saws, marking devices, etc. For the classification of long logs, we work together with experienced partners and thus offer customers reliable complete solutions. In this way, even complex log yards, for example with combined long and short wood grading, can be efficiently controlled, operated and monitored.

Expansion stages and functions:

  • Complete operating stations with intuitively operated consoles with engraved system display
  • SPS-sequence control for the entire log yard
  • Sorting software for roundwood cuttings
  • Various log measuring systems, including ALFHA EXACT LOG 3D / 3D BUDGET
  • Interfaces to measurement and optimisation systems from other suppliers
ALFHA Log Sorter
ALFHA Log Sorter

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Alfha Optimized Cut
Alfha Optimized Cut

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