For the second life of your edger

The conversion of edger controls is also one of our core competencies, which has developed over the years in close cooperation with our customers. Time and again, it turned out that the mechanics of existing systems were still in good order, but that it was often no longer possible to procure spare parts for the measuring technology and control system. As a result, we started to develop the ALFHA EDGER measuring, optimisation and control system, which is equally suitable for longitudinal and transverse measurement. Originating from the specific customer requirement for upgrading existing plants, ALFHA EDGER is of course also designed for implementation in new plants.

Solution-specific measurement technology

The basis for the ALFHA EDGER systems are the measurements for forest edge detection of the ALFHA EXACT WANE series. Different measuring methods are available here for measurements in the transverse run, which enable optimum adaptation to the environmental conditions, the requirements and the budget. If only a few measuring points are sufficient, single distance measuring sensors can be used. For this application, we also offer a purely PLC-based solution for smaller budgets. For a larger number of measuring points, measuring bars are used. If an even finer measuring grid is required, ALFHA EXACT WANE 3D is used. This is a camera-laser measurement that provides a three-dimensional image of the board and offers maximum accuracy. This is also suitable for longitudinal measurements.

Expansion stages and functions:

  • Different measuring systems depending on requirements and budget
    • In the longitudinal run:
      • ALFHA EXACT WANE 3D Camera laser measurement
    • In the crosswise direction:
      • ALFHA EXACT WANE DISTANCE Distance laser with different grids
      • ALFHA EXACT WANE 3D Camera laser measurement
  • Measurement data evaluation and optimisation software with rapid calculation speed as well as user-friendly and clear windows for article and quality definition
  • Renewal and/or optimisation of the PLC sequence control for maximum performance
  • Replacement/ renewal of the positioning technology
  • Replacement/ renewal of the power control cabinets, control panels etc.
Alfha Edger
Alfha Edger

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