Deine Ausbildung bei Alfha
Ausbildung als Elektroniker
Ausbildung als Fachinformatikerin
praxisorientierte Ausbildung mit High-Tech „zum Anfassen“

As a competent partner for automation in the sawmill and woodworking industry, Alfha supplies well-known machine builders and numerous sawmills as well as glulam producers throughout Europe. Since 1985, we have been ensuring that everything runs smoothly with a wide range of services - from control cabinet construction and electrical installation to control technology, PLC programming and measurement technology to software development: at the log yard, on the sawing line, on the edger, in the sorting and stacking plant or in glulam production.

Environmental awareness and sustainability move the future. We are happy to be active in this environment and are looking for your support. Are you up for a well-founded, varied and practical apprenticeship? Then become part of our Alfha crew.

Are you fascinated by high-tech that you can "touch"? Then you're in good company with us. We have over 30 years of experience in developing new software, finding exciting electronic solutions or building big things. We offer you customised training opportunities, seminars and collaboration on internal projects. If you don't understand something, no problem - we'll be happy to help you. With work lessons and optimal exam preparation.

With an apprenticeship with us, you are anything but on the wrong track.

You have extremely good chances of being taken on by us and you can expect responsible and varied tasks in Germany, Europe and even worldwide. With a great working atmosphere with respect and friendliness, you can count on a secure job and a solid employer. With us, you are more than just a personnel number or one of many.

And what else?

Being part of the Alfha crew feels good, because Alfha connects wood, people and machines. We support you with additional internal further education and training. Your work clothes are provided and you receive discounted drinks in our lounge. We pay well and you also receive capital-forming benefits. If you want to buy an e-bike, we will gladly support your leasing contract.

Ausbildung zum Elektroniker (m/w/d) für Betriebstechnik
ab 07 August 2023

Ausbildung zum Fachinformatiker (m/w/d) für Anwendungsentwicklung
ab 05 August 2024